The following information is to be used by anyone looking to hire Victor Wainwright & The Train. We understand that an event takes a lot of planning, so our goal is to make this information easily and readily available to you in a seamless and easy to understand fashion.

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Full rider package

The following file contains our entire rider package in one easy download. This includes our simple rider requests, stage plot, tech rider, etc. 

2017 show poster

Stage plot

You can download our 4 piece StagePlot right here. For our 6 piece stage plot, please contact BluesPros and we will get that to you right away! 

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one page

Publicity information can be found right here! Use this information freely to publicize and hype your event. 

Tech Rider

The following is our technical rider. This will show you what instruments and details we require when backline is being provided by the buyer. 



Download our press photo package for a variety of HD 300dpi or better photos to use at your leisure.