Family Roots | Disc One | Still Smokin’!


Family Roots | Disc One | Still Smokin’!

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This album is a very special recording of Victor's Father and Grandfather singing some of their favorite songs, backed by Victor and his band. 

One of the most special times of my life was being with my Dad and my Son recording this CD. It’s always fun when we are together. They both are extremely talented men who, like me, have deep family values and love to entertain. It has been passed on from Dad to Son to Grandson. This music has already brought tears to my eyes and I am so fortunate to have them both! Thanks also to Billy Dean, Josh, Roberts, Reba Russel and Dawn Hopkins for their support.

Track List:

1. Jesse Wainwright Intro
2. Got Me Runnin’
3. Lonesome 77203
4. Help Me Make It Through the Night
5. Invitation to the Blues
6. Four Hand Boogie #1
7. Nightlife
8. Sweet Little Sixteen
9. Am I Losing You
10. FHB #2
11. Trouble In Mind
12. Rockin’ My Life Away
13. For the Good Times
14. FHB #3

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