Victor Wainwright has been nominated for three new Blues Music Awards for 2016!

  • BB King Entertainer of the Year
  • Band of the Year (WildRoots)
  • Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year

The Blues Music Awards are considered the most prestigious awards granted to Blues Musicians. Nominations are done by a secret panel of industry professionals. Final voting is done by YOU (peers.) In order to vote, follow this link!


Hilton Homewood Suites announced as Presenting Sponsor for May 30th CD Release Party


Hilton Homewood Suites announced as Presenting Sponsor for May 30th CD Release Party

Hilton Homewood Suites off of International Speedway Blvd in Daytona Beach, has been announced as one of several presenting sponsors for Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots CD Release Party, May 30th at the Daytona News Journal Center Theater!  Call now to reserve your King room with a nearly half off discount using the code word "Boom Town."  Say hello to our great friend and general manager, Kyra Woodward! 

TEL: +1-386-258-2828

165 Bill France Blvd., Daytona Beach, Florida, 32114, USA







Photo by  Donna Criswell Photography

Photo by Donna Criswell Photography

This is going to be the biggest one yet! Very excited to be able to invite all our friends to this celebration. I like to think of it as a huge party we’re throwing, and we’re inviting all our friends from literally all over the world! There’s a lot of love out there!
— Victor Wainwright


Location: Daytona Beach News Journal Center Theater

Victor Wainwright – Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Piano, Hammond Organ 
Stephen Dees – Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Vocals, Tambourine
Patricia Ann Dees – Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Co-lead Vocal 
Nick Black – Electric Guitar, Vocals, Co-lead Vocal 
Billy Dean – Drums
Charlie DeChant – Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone 
Ray Guiser – Tenor Saxophone
Stephen Kampa – Harmonica
Terrence Grayson - Bass Guitar 

Guest appearances: 
Rev Billy C Wirtz - Opening The Show
Beth McKee [Vocals] & Juan Perez [Percussion] from the Beth McKee Band
Anthony 'Packrat' Thompson - [Vocal/Harmonica] from Smokehouse
Robert 'Top' Thomas - [Guitar/Vocals] from Smokehouse and the WildRoots Records family of artists
Gerard Guido - [Hammond B3 Organ]

Presenting Sponsors For the Evening:
Pamela and Frank Carbiener
Mick Kolassa - Endless Blues Productions
Daytona Estate Jewelry 
Wade and Trish Caldwell
Homewood Suites

Victor Wainwright – Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Piano, Hammond Organ 
Stephen Dees – Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Vocals, Tambourine
Patricia Ann Dees – Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Co-lead Vocal [Track 8]
Nick Black – Electric Guitar, Vocals, Co-lead Vocal [Track 3]
Billy Dean – Drums
Charlie DeChant – Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone 
Ray Guiser – Tenor Saxophone
Stephen Kampa – Harmonica

Special Guests on album
Chris Stephenson – Hammond Organ [Track 1] 
Beth McKee – BG Vocals [Track 5]
Juan Perez – Percussion [Track 5] 
Ernie Lancaster – Slide Guitar [Track 6]
JP Soars – Acoustic Lead Guitar [Track 10]
Robert ‘Top’ Thomas – Guitar [Track 12] 

Produced, Arranged, & Engineered by: Stephen Dees
Co-Engineered by: Patricia Ann Dees & Rick Bailey
Mixed by: Rick Bailey
Recorded at WildRoot Farm Studios, Edgewater FL
Additional Recording at Soul Sway Studios, Memphis TN 
Mastered by: Bryan Bassett 
Art Direction: Stephen & Patricia Ann Dees
Design & Photography: Patricia Ann Dees
Boom Town 
Saturday Night Sunday Morning 
Stop Bossin’ Me Baby 
If It Ain’t Got Soul - Part 1 
When the Day is Done 
Genuine Southern Hospitality 
Two Lane Blacktop Revisited 
WildRoot Farm 
Piana’s Savannah Boogie 
The Devil’s Bite 
Reaper’s on the Prowl 
Back on Top 
WildRoot Rumble 
All songs written by Stephen Dees except
[Tracks 2&7] Stephen Dees/Victor Wainwright
[Track 9] Victor Wainwright

“When the Day is Done” is dedicated to Stephen Dees father, mother, and brother [Carl, Bettye, and Michael]
“Genuine Southern Hospitality” is dedicated to Ernie Lancaster - Rest in Peace


Victor chosen as Instructor | The Pinetop Perkins Foundation Workshop Series


Victor chosen as Instructor | The Pinetop Perkins Foundation Workshop Series

Victor Wainwright has accepted a prestigious invitation to instruct at the 6th annual Pinetop Perkins Foundation Workshop Series as the lead instructor for the Piano Masterclass. 

Visit for more information and to sign up while space lasts!

"The Pinetop Perkins Foundation announces it's sixth Blues Masterclass workshops for young and young-at-heart adult musicians. The classes will be held at the Shack Up Inn and Hopson Commissary in Clarksdale, Mississippi, where the youthful spirit of Pinetop (1913-2011) smiles on us.

The event takes place from June 17-19, 2015 with a kick-off meet and greet BBQ reception on Tuesday evening June 16th.  The workshops offer piano, guitar and harmonica workshops.  The masterclass workshops are led this year by internationally renowned, award-winning blues artists: 

The harmonica workshops will be led by Gary Allegretto;  Bob Margolin comes back as our musical director.  This year we are excited to announce that Victor Wainwright joins us as piano workshop leader and Jonn Del Toro Richardson will lead the guitar workshop."

Workshops are open to the young and the young at heart including adults!

“For the past three years straight I have been nominated for the Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year award by the Blues Music Foundation. For the last two years, I’ve won. I will gladly and eagerly share with you all of what I know regarding the deeper aspects of how to really play blues piano, especially understanding “the intent” behind the notes you play. Soloing and accompanying blues piano will become much easier when you understand how to approach the bigger picture, and how the piano fits you and/or a band. I’ll share with you rifts and licks, and most importantly, I will help you dig deeper in understanding what’s “behind the notes.”

Pinetop Perkins was one of the last great Mississippi bluesman.  He began playing blues around 1927 and is widely regarded as one of the best blues pianists.

The Pinetop Perkins Foundation is a tax exempt non-profit organization.  It's mission is to provide encouragement and support for youth and young people at the beginning of their musical career; and help provide care and safety for elderly musicians at the twilight of their career.


Family Roots Albums & Victor Wainwright T-Shirts now available for purchase online!


Family Roots Albums & Victor Wainwright T-Shirts now available for purchase online!

Click the image above to BUY NOW!

Click the image above to BUY NOW!

Click the image above to BUY NOW!

Click the image above to BUY NOW!

It's been long enough! The Family Roots CD's, previously only available at live shows, can now be purchased directly from Victor's website! These albums can be shipped and delivered, or downloaded as HD MP3's right to your collection. 

Victor has recorded a new double disc deluxe live-in-studio album of his favorites and fan favorites in Memphis at his studio, Soul Sway Studios. The two discs have songs that Victor grew up listening to and songs that his band plays live now.

The first disc, entitled Still Smokin'!, a lighthearted reference to his last studio album Lit Up! , is filled with nostalgic country and blues tunes. What really makes this disc special, though, is the talent on it. This album was recorded with Victor's grandfather, Jesse Wainwright, and his father, Victor, Sr. Both sang and played on the album, helping to honor their deep rooted "family roots". With drums from Victor's touring drummer Billy Dean, bass and lead guitars from Memphis musician Josh Roberts, as well as mandolin and background vocals from longtime guitarist for Victor Wainwright, Greg Gumpel, the album skyrockets as a tribute to the songs of Victor's youth. World famous blues singer Reba Russell graciously lends her voice to the project as well. These are the songs that Victor heard his father and grandfather play in venues and at home when he was growing up. Still Smokin'! stands as a totem, a photo album, and a solidification of the core values of the Wainwright family that will last forever. Here's a quote from Victor Wainwright, Sr. on recording the album:

One of the most special times of my life was being with my Dad and my Son recording this CD. It’s always fun when we are together. They both are extremely talented men who, like me, have deep family values and love to entertain. It has been passed on from Dad to Son to Grandson. This music has already brought tears to my eyes and I am so fortunate to have them both! Thanks also to Billy Dean, Josh, Roberts, Reba Russel and Dawn Hopkins for their support.

The second disc, affectionately entitled Extended Stay , is a collection of songs that Victor's touring band, composed of Billy Dean, Nick Black, and Will Hanlon, performs all over the world to fans of the blues and genuine rock 'n roll. These songs were performed completely live in the studio just as they are on stage. Feel that energy and feel the house rock!

Both of these discs, more than anything, are labors of love for everyone that contributed. Recorded and mixed by legendary Memphis engineer Dawn Hopkins, this album is ready to be shipped to you right now!

 Get a copy for yourself and get ready to feel like a part of the family with FAMILY  ROOTS!



Three Big Wins

The Victor Wainwright band prove to be big winners at three big festivals back to back!! 


NEW SHOW REVIEW "Translated"; Quebec City. Written by Celine Lajoie Tatieblues

I was already in love with Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots since their first visit to Quebec in 2012. Well, I renewed my vows on July 8 at Petit Imperial, and I'm not the only one. The Imperial was a full house and I believe that every person was left with love for this group in their hearts. We enjoyed the happy, healing, therapeutic blues. Victor Wainwright is originally from Savannah, Georgia, he now lives in Memphis, TN. He is also the winner of the 2013 and 2014 Pinetop Perkins Blues Music Award. He is a talented pianist and offers blues music with a generous fervor.

The WildRoots are an incredible team of energy on stage. Nick Black, 25, is on guitar. He has won 2 Memphis Juneteenth Urban Music Awards with his band and his album, The Soul Diaries. Excellent guitarist; He has a beautiful voice and gives us inspired solos. It is he who opens the show with a song where he presents each musician. Victor Wainwright then enters the scene where he takes up all the space in the proper sense of the term, with his imposing stature and his showmanship. I was fully enthralled with the stage performance of each musician, particularly Wainwright who made us laugh with his facial expressions and his histrionics on the piano while offering an incredible performance. Each song is like a sketch, a little comedy in itself… musical theater. It was lovely and as Victor said, “The blues piano has many variations, and he offered us his show, hoping that the next day we get up, we take life 5% less seriously.”

He played a superb boogie explaining precisely the variations of piano blues, among others, at a time when there were pianists in the train yards and lumber mills, the pianist would play fast because it often lacked tuning or piano hammers and it took playing a lot of notes quickly as to fly over the broken ones. There was also strong playing to bury the train and work noise. Victor also sang Same Old Blues. What a magical moment! Little piano, a hot solo by Nick Black and Victor who went into the room to sing a cappella. We were in love, conquered, if it is possible to be more than we were already.

After such a frenzied first part, do not think for a second that these musicians showed any sign of fatigue. They returned with redoubled energy to present their latest album, Family Roots. Magnificent! Inspired roots, New Orleans rhythms. Again, we enjoyed ourselves but we had moments of intense emotion that I again felt while listening to the album that has not finished being my favorite. In total silence from the crowd, as we rarely see, Victor sang with his beautiful and powerful voice, it was delightful. Other songs like Get Behind the Mule and Rubies & Diamonds have beats that I love, as well as Minnie The Moocher and St. James Infirmary Blues. His version of Same Old Blues also captured the Blues Music Awards in 2013, which is on the album which makes it all the more precious.

In closing I want to also talk about the other musicians, the cohesion of the group is beautiful. At times, when we think the blues energy is at its peak, the musicians still come with more. William Hanlon is the young bassist with the band for 2 years, and he is a blast of energy, exploding on stage. Billy Dean on drums is seamless efficiency, whether in explosions of musical power or just the way he lightly touches the cymbals. 

For their encore we sang in choir I'll Fly Away, written in 1929, and now with Victor. The gospel sang us a room of joy where he still put his heart with long moments of a cappella… very emotional. A rapid instrumental closed the show to get us out of the trance, and happy where he plunged us to begin with.•-reportage-victor-wainwright-and-the-wildroots-festival-dete-au-petit-imperial-le-8-juillet-2014/


Victor Wainwright performed two days at Mont Tremblant. The fist day he and Nick Black performed as a duo. Victor talked the crowd through some piano history, and blues vocal demonstrations like this video below. 

The North Atlantic Blues Festival in Rockland, Maine showed their love by having their sponsor put one artist from the festival on their bottle of Blueberry Wine! They chose Victor!

Check out this fantastic winery at






Victor Wainwright designed new site for Blues Pros!

If you haven't already noticed, BluesPros, the boutique talent agency that Victor Wainwright hires to help schedule and contract new shows all around the world has a new website. The new design was re-worked from the ground up by Victor Wainwright himself! You can check it out by visiting  

Expect Victor Wainwright, along with web developer CK Harrington and Nick Black to be working on a new website to replace this one shortly. Also, keep an eye out for a new WildRoots Records website! 


Lots of new web content coming your way soon!



Victor Wainwright Wins 2014 Pinetop Perkins Award

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Victor Wainwright Wins 2014 Pinetop Perkins Award

"WOW!!!  How can I possibly express how I'm really feeling? Three years in a row I've been nominated for a Blues Music Award. Starting last year, and now again this year, I've won the Pintop Perkins Piano Player of the Year. It's hard for me to believe that I deserve this. I humbly appreciate wholly everything that has come my way, and I will continue to do the very best I can!

I'm sure everyone realizes that I'm in no way a self made man. This is only possible because of all of YOU! Everyone in my family, my team and friends from all over the world have been pouring themselves into me and working so hard. They deserve a lot of credit. So I would just like to formally thank all of my family, friends, and fans for helping make a dream come true (twice)! Thank you God for blessing me with the talent and opportunities that I have been given. Thank you especially to my Mother, Father, and Sister, my Grandfather, and all of my family back in Savannah, Georgia. Thank you to Stephen and Patricia Dees with WildRoots Records, my touring family: Billy Dean, Nick Black, Will Hanlon, Damon Fowler, JP Soars, Chuck Riley, and Chris Peet, and to our professional team: Harty Weidemann, Rick Bailey, and Brian Bassett. I would also like to thank my colleagues who asked me to play piano on their records this past year; Including Brandon Santini, Jeff Jensen, Mick Kolassa and more!

I would like everyone to know that I am feeling great and that I promise to keep working tremendously hard, both on and off the road, carrying the blues piano tradition forward, both far and wide. 

God bless Pinetop Perkins and God bless everyone! I cherish you all and thank you so much for your continued support and love!"

- Victor

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The Many Faces of Victor Wainwright

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The Many Faces of Victor Wainwright

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! Here's a wonderful post we'd like to share with you. Friend and professional photographer Lori Patrick shot a series of photographs in Dubois, PA of Victor Wainwright, titling the series "The Many Faces Of Victor Wainwright." Please check it out and show your support! Also feel free to share the link! =)

Hello, World!

  • All works in this project © Lori Patrick. Please do not reproduce without the express written consent of

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Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise #22

Victor Wainwright will be onboard the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise once again with his band Southern Hospitality, and ALSO as a piano bar host! It's going to be a wild time full of laughs, music and cheer! Also, if you have tickets, make sure to check the Crows Nest nightly! 

Cruisebanner2014 copy.jpg

Ft. Lauderdale, FL roundtrip to St. Maarten, St. Thomas / St. John and Turks & Caicos on the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam


Other Acts Include:


Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Mel Waiters, Latimore, Denise LaSalle & Theodis Ealey – Down Home Blues Extravaganza

Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue w/ Tommy Castro, Mike Finnigan, Debbie Davies, Chris Cain

Otis Clay

Tab Benoit

Phantom Blues Band

Tommy Castro & the Painkillers

Ana Popovic w/ Mo’ Better Love (9-Piece Band)

The James Hunter Six

Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials

John Hammond

Curtis Salgado

Trampled Under Foot

Sista Monica

Chris Cain

Sugar Ray & the Bluetones

Super Chikan

Eric Bibb

Corey Ledet Zydeco feat. Little Buck Sinegal

Marquise Knox

Selwyn Birchwood Blues Band (IBC Winner)

Nothing But The Blues – Joe Plummer Play w/ Earl Thomas, Big Llou & Chicago Cast

Eden Brent (Piano Bar Host)

Paddy Milner (Piano Bar Host)

Frederick Neal (Piano Bar Host)

Marcus Bonfanti (Special Guest)

Darnell Neal (Special Guest)

SOLD OUT! Join the Waitlist or call (816) 753-7979.
If you don’t have an account, please register before joining.