MP3's Family Roots | Discs One & Two | Still Smokin'! & Extended Stay (DOUBLE DISC)


MP3's Family Roots | Discs One & Two | Still Smokin'! & Extended Stay (DOUBLE DISC)

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Thank you to my wonderful family, for supporting this project and helping it come to life, especially my Father, Victor Wainwright Sr. (Executive Producer), for having the vision and passion to capture our family on record together and then getting this record out to all of you, for everyone to enjoy. I have the best father in the world. Thank you, Dad. I love you! I would also like to thank: My Grandfather Jesse Wainwright (For his support and love, and for still giving me piano and voice lessons in every single way), My Mother & Sister (For their love and never ending support), My Road Band and musical family (Nick Black, Billy Dean, Will Hanlon), Dawn Hopkins, Josh Roberts, Reba Russell, Greg Gumpel, Rick Jones (Rick Jones Pianos), and Chris Sabie. THANK YOU!

Track Lists:

Still Smokin'! 

1. Jesse Wainwright Intro
2. Got Me Runnin’
3. Lonesome 77203
4. Help Me Make It Through the Night
5. Invitation to the Blues
6. Four Hand Boogie #1
7. Nightlife
8. Sweet Little Sixteen
9. Am I Losing You
10. FHB #2
11. Trouble In Mind
12. Rockin’ My Life Away
13. For the Good Times
14. FHB #3

Extended Stay 

1. Buzz Me
2. Minnie the Moocher
3. Bo Diddley
4. Get Behind the Mule
5.Wine Spodie Odie
6. Rubies & Diamonds
7. Gospel Medley
8. Same Old Blues (Live from the 2013 BMAs)

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