Victor Wainwright

The official website for Victor Wainwright and all his projects; Including his band The WildRoots and Southern Hospitality. Victor Wainwright is an award winning singer, songwriter and piano player. Though his career began over a decade ago with genuine rock n' roll honky-tonk, Wainwright has broadened his artistic scope over the years to include music representing virtually every corner of the blues. His insatiable interest in music discovery, sheer love for entertaining and curiosity have led him all around the world, and the resulting perspective is a reflection of his passion for entertaining and creating progressive roots music in an effort to move the artform forward. Composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Victor Wainwright is a raucous high-octane, dynamic performer and crowd pleasure with soul to spare. 



Will Hanlon

Will Hanlon, a native of Memphis, has played bass for nationally touring acts of all genres for over ten years, playing a variety of styles. A truly fantastic player, Will's greatest attribute is actually his stage presence. He brings spirit and youthful energy to everything he touches, breathing something unique and special into the music he performs and records.

A graduate of the University of Memphis, Will performed in the school's premier music ensemble  SOUND FUZION,  which granted him many opportunities, including backing up soul and R&B singer Aaron Neville, recording for a marketing campaign for the U of M, and touring throughout the mid-south and tri-state area. 

Will backed up Memphis hip hop performer Al Kapone from 2009-2011, playing the Beale Street Music Festival two years in a row.

After playing in Memphis for 8 years, Will joined boogie woogie and blues piano player Victor Wainwright. He currently tours nationally and internationally with Wainwright. Will's work can be found on Wainwright's newest album FAMILY ROOTS.



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Nick Black

NICK BLACK, Memphis’ newest Soul artist is stepping out onto the music scene with a style that will force you to take notice. Take his modern soul voice, fold in his soulful string and horn arrangements, add an infusion of hip-hop and old school rhythm & blues, and you’ve got a sound that demands attention.

His newest album, THE SOUL DIARIES, released in October of 2012, is an amalgamation of music four years in the making. Beginning the album in college, he has steadily been recording and writing for this CD up to the current day. THE SOUL DIARIES is a collection of songs from three different EPs recorded by Nick, each song telling a story of his relationship with someone in his life.

While recording his album, he has joined fiery, up-and-coming blues recording artist Victor Wainwright as lead guitarist and background singer, officially one of the “WildRoots” in Wainwright’s band, Victor Wainwright & The WildRoots. Nick has toured nationally and internationally with Wainwright for the past two years, getting a real education in music after graduating from the University of Memphis with a degree in music business.

After releasing his album, Nick started up an IndieGoGo Fundraising campaign to have a physical CD Release Party in Memphis. After six weeks of fundraising, Nick reached almost $5000 of his $4000 goal, solidifying his plans to physically release his album, have a release party, and begin touring his music in mid 2013.

THE SOUL DIARIES is available on his website, iTunes, Amazon, and most major streaming sources. 



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Billy Dean

Billy Dean has been performing with Victor Wainwright for over three years, traveling around the world playing drums for blues fans of all creeds and nationalities.  An American session and studio drummer as well, Dean has over 15 years experience within the industry, working with popular musicians from a wide range of genres, bridging the gap between technique and groove.  

Billy also has a strong proclivity to teach, handling many students with one-on-one lessons, teaching and leading drumlines and percussion ensembles within multiple schools, the indoor percussion group Ancient City Ensemble, and other award winning teams, and also doing national drum clinics. 

 Billy was featured in Modern Drummer in 2012:

"Drummer BILLY DEAN toys with blues conventions while propelling Lit Up! He double-times "Coin Operated Woman," swishes brushes soulfully on "Pile of Blues," slams the syncopated title track, and attacks the various shuffles with creative dynamics and inflections."



Speak of Love  - Dan Walters (2010)

Live at the Athens - Mark Hodgson & Chris Lee (2010)

Lit Up!  - Victor Wainwright & The WildRoots  (2011)  

The Town Crier - Robert "Top" Thomas (2012) 

Enhanced Life - Dan Walters (2013)

The Better Part - Lauris Vidal (2010) 

Family Roots/Extended Stay - Victor Wainwright (2013) 


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